Organic Coconut oil as Massage oil

Ask your Thai Therapist about the benefits of this miracle product

Organic Coconut Oil as Massage OilCoconut oil for massage might be new for western world but it has been around for long in tropical regions. This no surprise because these people understood benefits of the miracle fruit a long ago and thus have included it in their life in various ways. Things which started as common knowledge are getting scientifically proved now. Coconut oil serves as a great massage oil whether you go for massage yourself or through therapist. Here are some benefits:

Anti-microbial properties

Coconut oil has great anti-microbial properties. Medium chained triglycerides (MCTs) are considered to be great in treating various kinds of infections be it bacterial, viral or fungal. Coconut oil key constituents lauric acid and capric acid – both are known to show anti-microbial effect when broken down. So when coconut oil is applied on skin it helps skin get rid of harmful bacteria and fungus which breed on it. Thus saving body from infectious diseases.

Healthy skin

Coconut oil has vitamin E in it. Vitamin E is well known to nourish skin and make it smoother and softer. You will find many moisturiser creams and body creams having Vitamin E in them.

Anti-ageing / anti-wrinkle

Ageing makes skin cell lose their flexibility, softness and colour. Coconut oil is helpful in making skin look younger. Along with vitamins present in it, its anti-oxidant effect also plays an important part in this process.

Easy absorption

A good massage oil should be easily absorbed by the body. Coconut oil is often mixed with other herbal oils and extracts to further enhance its effects.

No stains

Coconut oil leaves no stains. Yes, this is a great news because most oils do leave stains and they are hard to go by.

Muscle benefits

Massage with coconut oil can soothe and relax tight muscles in your body. This is great if you are tired due to physical activity.

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